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    • I have just downloaded Black Desert Online, and when I launched the application and entered my email to create an account, I accidentally typed it wrong. I went back and typed in the correct one, however, I am now receiving the error code 103 upon doing so. The message displayed is, "Invalid request." Would anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
    • Guest ガツ子
      There are many times when there are no quest-related NPCs. what should I do?            
    • Guest Mateo
      You have to download the game, then unzip it within a folder and open this folder and execute the launcher. The launcher is inside the game that you have downloaded.   Also, u can download the "Replace Bin64 folder only if client Doesn't work" file if your client doesn't work. See in:   http://g2bdo.com/downloads Bye. Family Name: Trikru
    • Guest nasbijuice
      Where is launcher? Ican't find it when I go to the launcher page.
    • Hey, is there yet someone active? I wanna join any guild, how it works, do we have to be online at same time or can you just send me an invite pls? Sorry, I'm new to the game haha     Best regards Shady