Patchnotes 21.02.2020

Published by Satan, 2020-02-21 22:23:52


We implemented a Lootfilter.

GIVEN I'm a USER AND I want to filter loots on gathering and killing mobs

WHEN I type /loot grade

THEN I want to loot only items of the selected grade or above,

0 - All
1 - Green
2 - Blue
3 - Yellow

WHEN I type /loot ids ...

THEN I want to loot only items within the list of selected items id.

IDs for the Items can be found on websites like BDDatabase.

You cant use both Filteroptions at the same time and Filters will be reset upon relog.
Bossitems, Silver, Goldbars, Memory Fragments, Blackstones, Hards and Sharps are always looted.